Prince Charles Quote: ... a moving and powerful film... in the most sympathetic way possible, highlights the human side of rainforest destruction, which is all too easily forgotten as we confront the challenges of global climate change. –  HRH Prince Charles


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    21 Responses to “Home”

    1. Really great documentary, it makes you to want go and visit the Amazon yourself

    2. Good article,thank you for sharing this!

    3. bubhub says:

      I absolutely loved the doco. it really made me think….

    4. Nikola Tesla says:

      Excellent movie, it really changes your ming! Congratulations!!

    5. I watched this documentary with my students and they all loved it. I think its important for them to learn to appreciate different cultures.

    6. mike says:

      Great read. I found your website on facebook and i have your article bookmarked on my personal read list!
      I’m a fan of your blog. Keep up the good work

    7. Beton says:

      I just wanted to let you know how much my spouse and i appreciate anything you’ve shared to help improve the lives of folks in this theme. Through your articles, I have gone from just an inexperienced to a skilled in the area. It’s truly a tribute to your good work. Thanks

    8. We destroy each other, then deserve to be destroyed ourselves.
      Embarrassed to be human.

    9. Bramesh says:

      Excellent movie, it really changes your mind! Congratulations!!

    10. Mazmir says:

      What a beautiful presentation.I absolutely loved the documentary. Love Amazon Too.

    11. amazing kids! makes us think about who we are, and what we do…

    12. Folk serija says:

      amazing movie! keep working good job!

    13. Great Doc man this was outstanding Great Work

    14. Sulejman says:

      amazing video! good work… and sad story btw…

    15. Ezel serija says:

      excellent video… I am supporting you in whatever you do, I like your work a lot!

    16. Cintia Costa says:

      The best documentary about the Amazon I have ever seen. It is great to see and listen to the voices of some of the 25,000,000 inhabitants that live in our beautiful Brazilian Amazon. We certainly need to save the trees, but we need to save the people first. Denise, you did an amazing and incredible job. I hope this film will been watched everywhere. Count on me to share your work!

    17. Roberta Navegantes says:

      Realmente incrível documentário sobre as crianças da Amazônia, uma experiência que vai ficar para o resto de nossas vidas. Safe Amazon Forest.

    18. I have to say those artworks that you have posted on the site look awesome.
      The persona that has made them is certainly very talented.

    19. Peter M says:

      Although I haven’t seen this film yet, is certainly looks like it will be good. Can’t wait to see this one. I have added it on my list to watch.

    20. William says:

      After having seen this film, I was completely blown away. It was fantastic all around and I recommend you guys see it sometime.

    21. Dale says:

      Great video. It is refreshing to see that people like your guys are taking action and not just sitting by and watching the problem.

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