Here are some simple steps you can take that can make a big difference… You can find ways to help spread the word about Children of the Amazon, share resources, host a screening or partner with our project.

Make conscious choices

It all comes down to choices, and we are making choices every day about what we purchase. As we learn about the origin of our wood, the impact of cutting down trees and shipping them around the world, we recognize that they are worth more to us alive in the forest than as furniture or floors in our homes. Avoid buying Amazon hardwood such as mahogany and teak. Although often advertised as symbols of quality, they’re generally not sustainably harvested. Other products that impact the Amazon include beef, leather and coffee.


Plant a Tree in the Surui Forest

In addition to doing everything we can to preserve the living trees in the forest, the Surui 50 year plan for sustainable development of their territories includes replanting trees in those areas already damaged by illegal logging.

Visit the Aquaverde website to plant a tree.


Host a Screening in your Area

If you interested in the movie and want to share it with your friends, community or organization, you can host your own screening! You could show it in a classroom, a library, an independent theater, or your own living room. Please contact the filmmaker Denise Zmekhol for details.

Spread the Word

Join Children of the Amazon on Facebook and stay in touch with the latest news about the film and the Amazon by subscribing via RSS. Become an active contributor to our bilingual blog by leaving your comments and joining our discussions.

Invite your friends and contacts to visit our website and our pages on Twitter, Facebook and Orkut. Write about Children of the Amazon on your blog. If you are a member of the press or have a press contact interested in reviewing the film or interviewing the filmmaker, please contact Denise Zmekhol.

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Share Resources

See our Learn More page for resources to help you find answers and make informed choices.

We are always looking for new information and resources to share with our community, so please contact us to suggest a site, article, book or video clip. If you are fluent in Brazilian Portuguese and English, we could always use help with translations! Please contact Denise Zmekhol for more details.

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Partner with us

If you are part of an organization that’s committed to resource conservation, reforestation, sustainable development, climate justice, indigenous culture or other issues related to this film, please contact the filmmaker Denise Zmekhol about possibilities for partnership, including joint screening events and discounted DVD’s for your members. Filmmaker Denise Zmekhol is enthusiastic about presenting the film and speaking with audience members about these issues, and host organizations could provide local panelists and use such events for fundraising and energizing their membership.

Support our Partners

Discover organizations that are actively involved in building a better future for the Amazon region. We encourage you to donate to them and support their activities. Visit our Partner page to learn more.

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