These are some of our partner organizations that are actively building a better future for the Amazon region. We encourage you to visit their sites, donate to them and support their activities.

The Chico Mendes Institute

The Chico Mendes Institute is founded and directed by Elenira Mendes, the daughter of the slain activist. Created in honor of Chico Mendes’s life and work, The Chico Mendes Institute is dedicated to promoting the conservation, biodiversity and sustainability of the Brazilian Amazon. These goals are developed in hand with preserving the culture and educating and enlisting the support of both local and outside populations to protect and preserve life in the rainforest.

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Metareila Organization of the Indigenous People Surui Paiter

The Metareila organization is the oldest indigenous institution in Rondonia. It was established over twenty years ago to help the Surui represent themselves. Today it represents the Surui people in their management plan, their carbon project and in all matters that relate to the management and protection of their forests and lands. Metareila is based in Cacoal, Rondonia on the very site where the Surui village was located at the time of first contact.

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The Amazon Conservation Team

The Amazon Conservation Team was formed to ensure that the invaluable resources and services provided by the Amazon may continue to exist for the benefit of future generations. ACT Brasil is the Brazilian member of the Amazon Conservation Team network of institutions.

ACT Brasil supports the Surui carbon project by helping to implement the participatory planning, mapping and land-use change modeling, by combining traditional wisdom with cutting-edge technology. With your help and support, ACT is working hard to ensure that these forests continue to sustain us.

English Site
Portuguese site

Povo Indígena Surui

This Portuguese language site dedicated to the preservation and spread of cultural information for the Surui tribe.

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