Children of the Amazon Cover

To purchase the Children of the Amazon Home DVD, choose your language in the pulldown menu and hit the Buy Now button. This new version includes two short extras. You don’t need to have a Paypal account: major credit cards are accepted too.

Educational editions for Universities, Colleges, Companies, High Schools and Libraries are also available.

NEW! Children of the Amazon is now available for Academic Streaming here or at

For people who are blind or visually impaired, an audio descriptive version is available in English only.

Children of the Amazon DVD

To purchase an audio descriptive version and to pay by check, please email Denise Zmekhol

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    2 Responses to “Buy the DVD”

    1. […] Brazilian filmmaker Denise Zmekhol retraces her steps in the Amazon to find the children she photographed fifteen years earlier. See how rubber tapping and deforestation has changed these children’s lives. We strongly recommend the full film – visually stunning, provocative, and told through the truest lens of all – the children’s. Click here for more. […]

    2. rosanne castelo branco says:

      Olá Denise,
      Achei o filme bastante sensível e reflexivo sobre nossa realidade da Amazônia. Como sou professora da Ufpa e coordeno um projeto para crianças em situação de risco social, gostaria de comprar o DVD e gostaria de depositar na sua conta o valor em real,se for possível,é claro.O blog de nossas crianças elaborado pelos monitores do projeto é Amazonien:kinder lernen Deutsch .Abraço e aguardo resposta.Profa.Rosanne

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