The 100 Most Creative People in Business:
Chief Almir – Surui Tribe

by Alejandra Martins, Fast Company Magazine, June 2011

“For a man whose way of life has been threatened by modernity, activist and tribal leader Chief Almir of the Surui people of the Brazilian Amazon has looked to a surprising source to help his tribe maintain its traditional way of life: Google.”

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Todos somos niños de la Amazonia

by Alejandra Martins, BBC Mundo, February 20 2011

“En su nuevo viaje, la directora descubre no sólo como cambió la vida de aquellos niños, sino la profunda transformación de la selva amazónica.”

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Google Lat Long Blog: “Children of the Amazon airs on PBS on Earth Day”

by Tanya Keen, Google Earth Outreach, April 22, 2010

“In 2008, Brazilian filmmaker Denise Zmekhol joined the Google Earth Outreach team to train the Surui people of the Brazilian rainforest on Google tools to help preserve their way of life. One year later, in 2009, another team went back to the Amazon to teach the indigenous people how to use GPS-enabled mobile phones and mobile data collection tools… to show the world where and when illegal logging is taking place within their protected territory…”

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Link TV, Earth Focus Episode 20: “Technology and the Environment”

March 25, 20010

“In this episode of Earth Focus, see how Google Earth helps Brazil’s Surui people preserve their culture and protect the Amazon rainforest…”

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BBC World News: “Amazonian Chief on how the Internet has changed life for good”

Produced by Pablo Uchoa, March 17, 20010

“Amazonian Chief Almir Surui explains how the Internet has empowered the Surui people. “When we use something for the good, you don’t change, yourself, your soul, your roots, your history… what defines you is your culture, our history, and how you give continuity to it…”

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BBC World Service: “Rainforest Roadway”

interview by Ritula Shah, November 9, 2009

“Forest time’ is the name indigenous people of the Amazon gave to life before modern times. But these days ‘forest time’ is a term of nostalgia – life in the Brazilian rainforest has changed forever since a new highway cut through its heart.. Denise Zmekhol spoke to Ritula Shah and told her what she found…”

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New York Times Blog, Dot Earth: “The Uncertain Legacy of Chico Mendes”

by Andrew C. Revkin, December 22, 2008

“Denise Zmekhol, is a Brazilian-born photographer and filmmaker who spent time roaming the Amazon in the 1980s and who met and photographed Mendes and his wife and two young children just weeks before he was killed…”

Read the article “Children of the Amazon looks at cultural loss of Amazon tribe confronted by deforestation”

by Rhett Butler Rhett, October 5, 2008

Children of the Amazon, a new documentary by Denise Zmekhol, looks at the cultural transformation of the Surui and Negarote tribes following the development and improvement of a highway that penetrates deep into the Amazon rainforest of western Brazil…”

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The Official Google Blog: “Amazon conservation in San Francisco”

October 4, 2008

“For most of us, today is another Saturday. For a chief of the Surui tribe in the Brazilian Amazon, it’s a unique day, because San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has issued a proclamation declaring October 4th as ‘Chief Almir Surui Day’….”

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San Francisco Chronicle: “Google breaks Amazon tribe’s isolation”

by Anastasia Ustinova, July 3, 2008

“On a recent afternoon deep in the Amazon’s rain forest, members of the Surui tribe, which made contact with the outside world less than 40 years ago, could not resist the urge known to modern man – they googled themselves…”

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National Public Radio: “Children of the Amazon”

with Bruce Gellerman, Living On Earth, August 24, 2007

“Filmmaker Denise Zmekhol talks with Bruce Gellerman about the Surui people of the Amazon, the subjects of her new PBS film “Children of the Amazon…”

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San Francisco Chronicle: “Google to harness satellite power for an Amazon tribe”

by Jack Epstein, June 10, 2007

“When the Brazilian government failed to defend his tribe against loggers and miners, the leader found a high-tech ally…”

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Smithsonian Magazine: “Rain Forest Rebel

by Joshua Hammer, March, 2007

“In the Amazon, researchers documenting the ways of native peoples join forces with an embattled chief to stop illegal loggers and developers from destroying the earth’s most precious wilderness…”

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